A celebratory reflection on two decades of CenGen excellence

The end of May marks a special occasion at CenGen as we commemorate our 20th anniversary!

Back in 2003, our director, Renée Prins, established the company as a consultancy firm. However, recognizing a larger demand, she astutely steered CenGen towards becoming a genetics service provider for the agricultural sector. Over the years, our organization has flourished, and today we proudly reflect upon two decades of prosperity.

We have successfully executed numerous projects, forged invaluable international partnerships, contributed to groundbreaking research, and made a profound impact in both the scientific community and the agricultural crops value-chain, where our scientific expertise is applied. Throughout this journey, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to address the global challenge of food security.

We’d like to acknowledge our funders and collaborators for their continuous contributions and inputs that enable us to keep on growing and learning.

Our heartfelt congratulations are extended to Renée for her exceptional leadership in building a thriving company and assembling an outstanding team. Being part of the remarkable CenGen story is a privilege we cherish!

Renée with Debbie Snyman who was appointed in 2005 as CenGen’s first employee.
Bennet Leriba cuts the birthday cake.
The team that keeps the wheels turning: (FLTR) Helmien Barkhuizen-Roode, Kelly Breeds, Bennet Leriba, Renée Prins, Debbie Snyman, Marizanne Horn (Syngenta), Elsabet Wessels, Francois Smit, Larysha Rothmann, Alana Crotz and Michaela-Anne White