Who we are

Specialised R&D services to plant breeders and the agricultural industry

What we offer

CenGen offers various genomics-related services to plant breeders, producers and agricultural-related industries

Our core focus is on deploying high-throughput molecular technologies across a spectrum of applications, spanning crop and horticultural plants, as well as fungi, including wheat, barley, maize, grapevine, citrus, deciduous fruit and nut trees, truffles, and diverse plant pathogens.

CenGen is also engaged in Research and Development by means of our involvement in various academic research projects in which we develop many of the tools we apply to the benefit of the industry

We offer flexibility in experimental design and sample sizes, tailoring projects to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Applications Include:

Utilising DNA fingerprinting techniques for accurate cultivar identification and purity assessments

Employing molecular tools to detect plant pathogens and changes in their genome

Conducting comprehensive sequencing and assembly of the entire genomes of vital plant species, providing invaluable insights into their genetic makeup and potential traits

Confirmation of the presence or absence of specific genes to assist in selection of breeding lines (marker-assisted selection)

Providing assurance in species identity, crucial for industries such as truffle production


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