Something for everyone to learn during Dr Lance Maphosa’s visit

Dr Lance Maphosa (Crop Physiologist with the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Australia) visited CenGen on the 15th of July 2019. Although Lance currently focusses his attention and research primarily on pulses such as chickpeas and lentils, he has been involved in several projects that focused on the performance of wheat under drought and high temperature conditions.

During his talk, Genetic and Environmental effects on wheat yield and quality, he elaborated on several of these projects and also provided an overview of the work he did as part of his PhD study at the University of Adelaide.

The South African researchers present learnt a lot from his recent experience and insight into performing actual field trials under water-stressed conditions, while the post-graduate students form the Stellenbosch University Plant Breeding Laboratory (SU-PBL) who attended were also keen to learn from his experience of studying abroad.

The CenGen Team truly appreciates Lance’s effort to visit the laboratory whilst on holiday in South Africa and wishes him all the best for his future work!