Dr Renee Prins Condensed CV

Career Profile


  • 30 May 2003 – current: Founder and Director of CenGen (Pty) Ltd
  • 1 July 2018 – 31 December 2024: Associate Professor Extraordinary, Department of Genetics, Stellenbosch University

Professional Experience

Renée’s initial focus on mapping adult plant (durable) rust resistance genes (APR) and the use of marker-assisted selection to transfer these useful genes/ QTL to wheat breeding lines, has progressed to include other more complex traits and other important crops. Her current focus is to establish gene cloning and bioinformatics expertise in SA through her collaboration with world-leading plant genomicists and bioinformaticians. Her outputs demonstrate a drive to ensure that SA scientists are familiar with, and on par with the international standard. In many instances, Renée’s efforts to implement specific research and application approaches were a first for South Africa.

This has all been done in a company CenGen (Pty) Ltd (2003/012305/07) she founded in an effort to stay in science after her family relocated to a rural town. CenGen offers various research and applied services to plant breeders, producers and agricultural-related industries on a variety of agriculturally-important plant and pathogen species. This small company has grown to such an extent that it is also viewed by international funding bodies as a reliable research partner. An exciting new venture at CenGen is its involvement in the characterisation of indigenous plants on a genomics level.

Summary of Impact

RP developed an STS marker for wheat leaf rust resistance gene Lr19 (Prins et al 2001) that still is the preferred marker for this gene on the MASwheat website.

She was the first SA scientist to propose and perform a QTL analysis approach to dissect a complex trait in wheat. This included the development of the first wheat DH mapping population in SA, a partial linkage map and the successful dissection of the APR resistance components to stripe rust in a commercial SA wheat cultivar.

She developed Cappelle Desprez (CD)-derived spring wheat material adapted in SA which contained most of the CD’s stripe rust APR, resulting in the first comprehensive report on the genetics of the resistance in this French cultivar.

RP established a Molecular marker Service Lab (MSL; 2011) with support from the SA wheat industry that assisted competing SA wheat breeding programmes with marker-assisted selection (MAS) implementation and now routinely screen wheat breeding lines with molecular markers associated with target traits. Both these programmes have released commercial cultivars that came through MSL.

In collaboration with Prof Anke Martin (University of Southern Queensland, Aus), RP dissected the genetic components of the Net form of Net Blotch Resistance in a SA malting barley line (UVC8) (also a first) and implemented MAS for various disease resistance traits in malting barley.

RP initiated a Next-Generation Sequencing project (2013) on SA stripe rust isolates resulting in a very productive collaborative effort in the field of pathogenomics with Dr DGO Saunders (John Innes Centre (JIC), UK), Dr C Uauy (JIC), Prof ZA Pretorius (UFS) and Dr LA Boyd (NIAB, UK).

She led the molecular team that developed the first genetic linkage map in table grapes in South Africa, validated resistance QTL and assisted the table grape breeder (Phyllis Burger) with the implementation of MAS in the local table grape breeding programme.

The DNA marker (CenGen6) for a powdery mildew resistance gene in the grapevine cultivar ‘Regent’ (Ren9) is published on the  Vitis database resource.

Following a nomination by AgBiz Grain, the CenGen Team was selected as a finalist for a 2016/2017 NSTF-South32 Award in the category Research for innovation – Small, Medium or Micro Organisation (SMME). They eventually won the category.

RP initiated the first wheat gene cloning attempt in SA through the establishment of a collaboration with Prof Simon Krattinger (previously from University of Zürich, Switzerland; now King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi-Arabia). This work was recognised as of interest by The Open Innovation call of Du Pont-Pioneer (TRAC#27600) and also resulted in CenGen being invited to participate in an internal grant call at KAUST (CRG7-3768) which was successful. Through these projects, CenGen has also been recognised by international funding bodies as a trusted research partner.

She was an invited member of Mariana Purnell’s (Agbiz Grain) team of wheat and barley scientists who visited a host of leading UK research institutes, universities and governmental departments upon invitation of the British High Commission (BHC) in February 2018 and organised by the Science and Innovation Attaché at the BHC in Pretoria. The aim was to create a platform to foster future collaborative projects between UK and SA cereal researchers.

RP also actively pursues the development of bioinformatics skills among African scientists and initially secured a British Council Newton Fund Researchers Links Workshop Grant in collaboration with a UK bioinformatician (Dr Diane Saunders; John Innes Centre) to host a fully-funded workshop on “Bioinformatics and Wheat Genomics I” for early-career researchers from the UK and SA in 2017 (June 26-28) in Worcester, South Africa. This was the first bioinformatics workshop targeted at wheat researchers in SA and training was received from Dr Burkhard Steuernagel (JIC) and Dr Robert Davey. (previously from Earlham Institute). Three follow-up workshops with the same trainers and later also Dr Hugh Wallwork were hosted over time with funding provided by mostly the UK Science and Innovation Network through the Science & Innovation Attaché, BHC, SA and also by Stellenbosch University.

CenGen is a partner lab in the DIPLOMICS network: It is an initiative of the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and part of the department’s long-term SARIR (South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap) (see Page on DIPLOMICS initiatives).

A social impact initiative (geneTeachers and geneLearners Workshops) was started in 2021 through the support of DIPLOMICS and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) to demonstrate the value of plant genetics in the food value chain. See Page on DIPLOMICS initiatives for more detail.

In 2021 RP was invited by Dr Diane Saunders and Prof Graham Moore from the JIC (UK) to share the inspirational CenGen story as keynote speaker at their virtual “UK Women in Wheat Mentoring Workshop”, 22-23 June 2021. This initiative aims to motivate young female scientists to pursue leadership positions in wheat research in the UK.

CenGen’s small grain research efforts reached an all-time high in 2022 with the incredible milestone of being key in establishing the first full genome sequence of a SA wheat cultivar Kariega and using it in the first successful gene cloning attempt of a wheat disease resistance gene (Yr27) in a South African wheat.

In 2022, CenGen embarked on their first in-house sequencing efforts through support by ABInBev, SABBI, and DIPLOMICS through the acquisition of Oxford Nanopore Technology sequencers.

Through a method development and high impact high visibility initiative of DIPLOMICS, CenGen is also instrumental together with collaborators to generate the first reference sequence of the indigenous spekboom.

National Research Foundation Rating

RP applied for NRF rating for the first time in 2012. From 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2018 se was rated as a C3 scientist, which she achieved without being in a full-time paid academic position. She received Grant #85943: Incentive Funding For Rated Researchers (IPRR). She has not submitted a re-evaluation application yet.

Scientific Publications (peer-reviewed)

Although in a more applied scientific environment, RP’s aim is always to do work that is accepted by a peer-review process.

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International or National Conference Contributions (main/co-author)

  • 51 Oral presentations
  • 42 Poster presentations

Post graduate student supervision


  • Mr VP Ramburan (PhD Agric, SU, 2000-2003). Genetic mapping of adult plant stripe rust resistance in the wheat cultivar ‘Kariega’. Organised a 3-month visit for him to the John Innes Centre (UK).
  • Ms GM Agenbag (PhD Agric, UFS, 2008-2012). Genetic characterisation and fine mapping of sources of durable resistance to stripe rust in selected wheat genotypes. Organised a 6-month visit for her to the John Innes Centre (UK).
  • Ms R Veikondis (Part-time MSc, SU, 2009-2014). Genetic characterisation of fungal disease resistance genes in grapevine using molecular marker technology.
  • Ms HJ Van Schalkwyk (PhD, UFS, 2013-2017). Genomic approaches towards understanding rust fungi and their interactions with wheat.Organised a 12-month visit for her to the John Innes Centre and Earlham Institute (previously TCAG, UK), which she then extended with 7 months with an additional fellowship. She was awarded one of the prestigious Monsanto’s Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program fellowships/scholarships for her PhD programme in 2015. Ms Van Schalkwyk is the first South African since the inception of this programme to receive this award.
  • Mr CJ Van Heerden (Part-time PhD, SU, 2006-current). Mapping of the quantitative trait loci for downy mildew resistance in table grapes.


  • Ms M Craven (MSc Agric, UFS, 2002). The improvement of leaf rust resistance in selected bread wheat lines.
  • Mr OA Philippou (MSc Agric, UFS, 2008). Targeting quantitative trait loci for adult plant stripe rust resistance in wheat.
  • Mr T Soko (PhD, UFS, 2014-2018). Stem rust resistance and yield performance of irrigated Zimbabwean spring wheat.
  • Ms G Maree (MSc, UFS, 2015-2018). Histopathology of rust infection in wheat and barley.