PANNAR wheat breeder visits CenGen

On 21-22 January 2019, André du Toit, wheat breeder from PANNAR, visited CenGen for an annual project meeting. As part of the molecular service laboratory (MSL), CenGen delivers a service to the wheat breeding programmes of PANNAR and Sensako by screening their breeding lines for genes that they’re interested in.

This molecular marker service for wheat was established by CenGen in 2012 – a first for South Africa. The use of genotypic data in breeding programmes is imperative and careful planning is needed to ensure that it is applied sensibly and in a cost effective manner.

During André’s visit, sources for new traits of interest were identified and the current breeding schemes were discussed and expanded.

We are thankful towards André who undertook the journey from the Free State to Worcester and we’re excited for what lies ahead for his wheat breeding programme.