No lockdown on knowledge transfer

With the COVID pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, many events had to be postponed or even cancelled. In other cases, innovativeness and technology made it possible for the event to continue, albeit in a different format.

September usually is one of the busiest months at CenGen, with field trials, producers’ days and meetings at the order of the day. This year it was much quieter, but we still had the opportunity to connect with the growers at different occasions. Once again, Driecus Lesch from Sensako invited us to partake in the producers’ days held at Napier and Roodebloem (Caledon), as well as the virtual SKOG and Riversdale events. Here we could introduce the growers to the concepts of molecular breeding and tell them about how our wheat and barley research projects benefit the industry and their farming practices.

As usual, we really enjoyed taking our work to the public and spending some time in the fields, and we thank Driecus for including us again this year.

SKOG virtual producers’ day (in Afrikaans) including a CenGen insert with Alana Crotz and Elsabet Wessels at the end.