New industry placement at CenGen

The philosophy at CenGen has always been that building partnerships with academia and industry is the best approach to serve the South African (SA) agricultural sector in a sustainable way. Through the SA Winter Cereal trust-funded Molecular Service Laboratory Project (WCT/W/2009/02), CenGen assists the SA wheat breeding programmes of PANNAR and Sensako with molecular marker-assisted selection efforts in their respective wheat breeding programmes.

In the highly specialised field of molecular genetics, expensive infrastructure and expertise are required. CenGen also places a high premium on ethical work practices and the sustainable delivery of high quality services. A collaborative approach with industry partners enables them to maintain these standards and scientific infrastructure while guaranteeing the confidential handling of data.

CenGen and Sensako ( recently agreed on the placement of Marizanne Horn at CenGen from 2018. Marizanne will be trained in molecular genetics with the focus on expanding her current portfolio to provide supporting molecular genetics services to Sensako’s sunflower breeding programme.

The CenGen team welcomes Marizanne in their midst!