From Cape Town to Queensland: SA Wheat Voyages Down Under

Another milestone was reached this month in our mission to explore Fusarium Crown Rot (FCR) resistance in wheat. The South African doubled haploid population used in this study was sent to our Australian collaborators late in 2018. After some time spent in quarantine, the population was released and has made it to the field.

The trial was planted on the 8th of July 2020 in Tosari, Queensland. The purpose of this is to explore resistance against the Australian F. pseudograminearum isolates, and to increase phenotypic data. The second SA FCR field trial is also in progress.

We hope for good weather and even better field data.

The project is funded by The Winter Cereal Trust and is jointly led by Dr Renée Prins (CenGen) and Dr Anke Martin (University of Southern Queensland), in collaboration with Dr Sandra Lamprecht (ARC–Plant Health and Protection) and Mr Driecus Lesch (Sensako).