First Spekboom Assembly using High Accuracy Basecalling done!

After a very successful visit from our UK project collaborators, Drs. Steurnagel and Wouters, Ms Shannon Derman jetted off to the John Innes Centre in Norwich, UK, to learn more about the bioinformatics analysis of the Spekboom sequencing data that we generated here during the two weeks’ visit in October.

Shannon at her desk at the John Innes Centre in Norwich

In less than a month, Shannon has made excellent progress and has managed to do a first assembly of the genome! This big task requires clever computer and coding skills to gather all the millions of base pairs of sequencing data in the correct order. We are very excited about learning from her when she gets back!

To learn more about why and how we’re doing this project, have a look at this short video series made by DIPLOMICS: