Cold fronts and quarantine? The field work must go on!

Last year, we at CenGen were excited to announce the planting of the first field trial for our research project exploring the genetics behind Fusarium Crown Rot (FCR) resistance in wheat. 

By combining disease scoring information (resulting from the 2019 trial) with high throughput genotyping data we were able to gain some preliminary information about QTL locations linked to resistance. The next step is to get even more data so that we can strengthen our findings and zoom into our regions of interest.

And so, with lots of hard work put in by the Sensako team, we are pleased to share that the second South African field trial for this project has been planted in Napier. May the results be ever in our favour!

For a bit more background on this work be sure to check out the article in Quest Magazine.

The project is funded by The Winter Cereal Trust and is jointly led by Dr Renée Prins (CenGen) and Dr Anke Martin (University of Southern Queensland), in collaboration with Dr Sandra Lamprecht (ARC–Plant Health and Protection) and Mr Driecus Lesch (Sensako).

Photo Credits: Driecus Lesch