Bioinformatics with Burger

As a result of a partnership agreement between CenGen and DIPLOMICS, three staff members of CenGen along with Marizanne Horn (Sensako) received a week of intense onsite bioinformatics training from Mr Burger van Jaarsveld, bioinformatics field applications specialist at ThermoFisher Scientific.

The participants were taught basic operations in writing scripts in Linux, MySQL and Python. The importance of bioinformatics in molecular biology is a given and CenGen is thankful towards DIPLOMICS for providing them with this opportunity to learn these important skills.

Burger doing some explaining during the course.
The group of participants with Burger: Kelly Breeds, Renée Prins, Elsabet Wessels and Marizanne Horn.
Ms Jeanine Coetzee from ThermoFisher Scientific joined the group for lunch on the last day of the training.