Attending Plant & Animal Genome: The largest Ag-Genomics Meeting in the World

Renée Prins had the opportunity to attend PAGXXVII in January 2019 (http://intlpagorg/2018/) in San Diego, California. This meeting brings together more than 3000 leading plant and animal geneticists and researchers and boasts more than 130 exhibits, 150 workshops and 1 100 posters. One of these posters was presented by Renée on the cloning of QYr.sgi-4A.1 of Kariega. Overall, it was a wonderful learning experience and the perfect environment to strengthen old and forge new collaborations.

Pioneer-Open Innovation Grant ( project meeting: FLTR Dr Mat Müller (Director, Business Development-Technology Acquisition & Licensing), Dr Kathy Munkvold (Leader, Open Innovation), Dr Renée Prins and Prof Simon Krattinger (King Abdullah University Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia).
Project meeting on wheat crown rot resistance and barley diseases with Dr Anke Martin (University of Southern Queensland, Australia). Renée also met up with Prof Brian Steffenson (University of Minnesota, USA) to discuss the progress on the resistance to stem rust in malt barley.