A Fab introduction to R

In May 2019, as part of their partnership with CenGen, DIPLOMICS, an initiative of the Department of Sciences and Technology (DST), has generously arranged for Dr Fabian Grandke, field applications specialist in bioinformatics from ThermoFisher Scientific, to present a two day introductory course in the software package R to the CenGen team.

R is free software used for statistical computing and has the power to analyse and process large sets of data with much less user involvement than with, for instance, MS Excel. Being proficient in utilizing software such as this will greatly enhance CenGen’s workflow by speeding up data analysis and minimizing human error.

Dr Grandke was joined by Mr. Burger van Jaarsveld who presented  a week long course on bioinformatics at CenGen in December 2018. CenGen’s partnership with DIPLOMICS has greatly assisted the team to work towards their goal of becoming comfortable with the field of bioinformatics and high level data analysis.

Dr Fabian Grandke (left) and Mr. Burger van Jaarsveld (right)