Sharing our science at the Napier Syngenta Knowledge Hub

Cover picture: Pieter Burger, Syngenta

For two days in September this year, the normally (seemingly) peaceful Syngenta/Sensako research station at Napier was transformed to a bustling scene of demonstrations, talks, knowledge transfer and liaising at the inaugural Syngenta Knowledge Hub event. Producers and other stakeholders in the agricultural industry were invited to the event which was sponsored by Syngenta/Sensako and John Deere.

From 26-27 September, John Deere showcased its brand new X9 1100 combine harvester whilst Syngenta informed attendees about the latest in crop protection, seed treatment and the Sensako wheat cultivars. There were also demonstration plot walkthroughs and talks from other collaborators such as SABBI/AB InBev, Department Agriculture Western Cape and the Stellenbosch University Plant Breeding Laboratory.

CenGen was privileged to be invited by both SABBI and Sensako to join their talks about the development of wheat and barley cultivars and the important role that we play using DNA molecular markers to assist with the identification of potential superior cultivars. Sharing our science with its benefactors has always been a priority at CenGen and we’d like to thank Daniel de Klerk (SABBI) and Driecus Lesch (Sensako) for creating a platform for us to interact with the producers.

We’d also like to congratulate the organisers on a fine and well-executed event. We look forward to the next one!