CenGen Strengthens Academic Ties with SU and UFS

F.l.t.r.: Amy Coetzee (UFS; MSc student), Prof Sakkie Pretorius (UFS; Research fellow), Wilku Meyer (UFS; PhD candidate and new CenGen staff member), Diana Mngomezulu (UFS; MSc Agric candidate).

Two post-graduate UFS candidates visited us for a week-long training (3-7 June 2024) and support with their molecular genetics work. Prof Sakkie Pretorius (UFS Research fellow) joined us for a day to be updated on all the activities ongoing at CenGen. We also welcomed a UFS PhD candidate, Wilku Meyer, as a new staff member on the 1st of June 2024. Academia was also brought together with Ayesha Shaikh (SU PhD candidate) joining the UFS team for some of the training provided by CenGen.

Far right: Ayesha Shaikh (SU PhD candidate) joined the UFS students here at CenGen for a day.