A well-deserved award for our founder

In the early 2000s, South African barley and wheat producers demonstrated remarkable progressiveness by affording a solo female scientist with a great vision the opportunity to introduce long-awaited DNA tools into local small grains breeding programmes. At the time, this practice had already been widely adopted in the international arena for a decade.

It is with great joy that we celebrate our director, Dr Renée Prins, who was recently honoured at the Grain SA Awards Ceremony. She received an Inspirational Award for her outstanding achievement in assembling a team dedicated to delivering robust and innovative scientific outcomes for the South African agriculture sector.

We are tremendously proud of being part of the CenGen team and honoured to learn from Renée every day.

Pictured above are Renée with Mr Richard Krige (left), Vice Chairperson of Grain SA, and Mr Derek Mathews (right), Chairperson of Grain SA.

Photo credit: Grain SA.