A growing success: Agricultural Science grade 12s make us proud

Building on the well-established geneWorkshops we host for Life Sciences teachers and learners, we, in collaboration with the WCED and funders DIPLOMICS, took to the road and hosted our first workshop with the grade 12 Agricultural Science learners of Iingcinga Zethu Secondary School in Ceres in July 2023. The workshop focused on the genetics module of the matric syllabus, and concepts were explained during interactive sessions at the hand of practical examples. It was a great success, with warm greetings from the school and eager participation from the learners. A second workshop was hosted soon after in August 2023.

Lasting relationships were built between the subject Senior Education Specialist (Mr. John Christoffels), the educating staff of Iingcinga Zethu SS (Mrs. Mbonjwa, Mr. Faye and the school principal Mr. Lethunya) and CenGen.

We are extremely happy and proud of the school’s improved pass rate for the Agricultural Science subject in the NSC examinations in 2023. Although the genetics component only accounted for 16% of the examination paper, it is joyful to witness the school’s commitment to deliver good education. A special mention goes to the Agricultural Science teacher, Mrs. Mbonjwa, who reached out to us to support her learners’ learning experience. It is a privilege to work with enthusiastic teachers who are driven to provide the best opportunities for their learners.

We look forward to engaging with the school again in 2024 and we hope that this year’s grade 12 class are as inspired and motivated as those who came before them.

The grade 12 Agricultural Science class of Iingcinga Zethu Secondary School with their teacher, Mrs. Mbonjwa.