We have liftoff! First Spekboom Sequencing Runs on African Soil!

CenGen has a long-standing link to scientists at John Innes Centre, UK. Dr Burkhard Steuernagel has shared his experience on the bioinformatics analysis of the complex wheat genome with SA plant scientists multiple times. He has now sent a research scientist from his group, Dr Roland Wouters, to support the CenGen team with the practical aspects of their endeavor to sequence the Spekboom genome. The first sequencing runs using ONT instruments were started on the first day of his visit – a significant milestone made possible by DIPLOMICS. Check out their social media pages: LinkedIn and Twitter.

Renée Prins, Helmien Barkhuizen-Roode and Shannon Derman from CenGen watching closely as Dr Wouters loads the first Spekboom sequencing library onto the Oxford Nanopore MinION Mik1C.