Revisiting his African roots: Dr Lance Maphosa shares his knowledge with former colleagues

CenGen is very excited to announce the upcoming visit of Dr Lancelot Maphosa to our laboratory in Worcester on 15 July 2019. Dr Maphosa, who, during his early career, was a research assistant at Sensako, is currently a Crop Physiologist with the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries in Australia. He is involved in cereals (wheat) and pulses (chickpea and lentil) projects. He holds a PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding from the University of Adelaide, where he looked at the genetics of wheat quality under a range of abiotic stresses. His research interests include Cereal Chemistry, Phenomics, Genomics, Breeding, Pathology and Physiology. During his visit Dr Maphosa will present a talk entitled Genetic and Environmental effects on wheat yield and quality. We look forward to hearing his thoughts and experiences on this very relevant topic. Visitors are welcome to join us.