DIPLOMICS provides opportunities to learn

CenGen was once again privileged to be the recipient of a training course from ThermoFisher Scientific, sponsored by DIPLOMICS. We have been part of the DIPLOMICS group of laboratories since 2018– a partnership which has proven to be truly beneficial. Apart from instrumentation, service contracts and training – all invaluable elements of a well-functioning laboratory – DIPLOMICS has also arranged for some marketing for our laboratory!

Real-time PCR (or qPCR) is a laboratory technique that has been in the news frequently since 2020, as it is the preferred method to diagnose COVID-19 positive patients. It can, however, also be used for various applications in the agricultural sector such as pathogen identification and resistance gene tracking. The three day qPCR course, presented by Dr. Khashief Soeker, built on our existing knowledge of this technique and highlighted some applications that we are interested in for future projects.

Thank you DIPLOMICS for creating this learning opportunity for us!