Congratulations to our collaborator!

We would like to applaud Professor Willem Boshoff on recently earning the title of Associate Professor in Department Plant Sciences at the University of the Free State. Willem is a much valued, longstanding collaborator of CenGen. In his capacity as wheat breeder at Pannar Seed (Pty) Ltd he initially was part of our molecular service laboratory (MSL) project . After he took up the position at the UFS in 2017 he became a collaborator on our wheat research projects – specifically contributing his rust pathology experience and knowledge.

Congratulations, Willem! This promotion is testimony to your success in both the commercial and research spheres. What a privilege it is to work with you and we look forward to many more field trials and papers tackled together.

Willem Boshoff, pictured here with Renée Prins at the first ever South African wheat gene cloning field trial at Greytown in 2017 – a CenGen project in collaboration with him and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.