A second opportunity in June to promote Plant Genetics

Raising awareness about genetics applications in agriculture is very important to our team. Shortly after our first teachers’ workshop, Dr Shane Murray, research specialist at CenGen, was invited to give a guest lecture to 27 students enrolled for an Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology at CPUT. With the topic The use of Molecular Markers in Plant Breeding, she illustrated how the field of genetics is not limited to humans and how it also plays a pivotal role in protecting food security. Shane, who joined the CenGen team in September 2019, provides scientific support to our research projects. She is always keen to share her knowledge and experience with others.

Thank you to Dr Richard Mundembe, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Biotechnology and Consumer Sciences at CPUT, for inviting Shane – and agriculture – into your classroom! We value every chance that we get to grow awareness about this field that we are so passionate about.