Operational Manager

The success of a laboratory does not depend solely on the science. It is also a business and has to be managed as such to ensure growth and sustainability. Our operational manager is applying his seasoned experience in building relationships and procuring funding to strengthen CenGen’s positioning as the laboratory of choice for agricultural genetics services.

Project Leads

Innovative, multi-skilled and flexible: our project leads are trained in various applications of genetics and plant breeding. Cumulatively they have more than 40 years’ experience working with a comprehensive cohort of grain, fruit and nut crops as well as truffles and fungi. Despite leading individual projects, they frequently collaborate to solve the question at hand. This allows them to employ a multifaceted approach to design a custom experimental resolution for each client.

Industry Placements

Setting up a molecular genetics laboratory is a costly venture that requires dedicated personnel in charge of maintaining it. As part of our vision to be the preferred Industry partner of molecular research and services, we have started an initiative by which we make office and laboratory space available to collaborators. Industry placements underwrite our mandate to make molecular DNA techniques and knowledge available to the Agri-industry to ensure sustainability. This is also a great opportunity to diversify the expertise in the laboratory.

Technical Specialists

Our technical specialists thoroughly understand how to find the fine balance between working economically without compromising the quality of the output. Our proud record of delivering accurate, reproducible results in time can be attributed to their meticulous record keeping, attention to detail and water tight control systems. They have a diverse set of skills ranging from laboratory techniques in molecular genetics, including the operation of high-throughput robotic instruments, to in vitro plant propagation and fungal isolation.